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05 Mar 20
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In an age where road congestion, pollution and fuel prices are considerably high, no person could ever be blamed for ditching their car and turning to human-powered transport instead; be it walking or cycling. And bicycles are indeed a fantastic alternative to cars - they are mobile, free to operate, easy on the environment and ultimately, they are great for keeping fit.

Look in your backyard. How many things out there don't have a place to call home? There are balls, hoses, planters and maybe a yard tool or two.

16 Mar 20

In Recession, it's not uncommon to experience a cash shortfall: an occasion when the next paycheck just isn't going to come soon enough.There are so many situations that can lead to a cash shortfall.

04 Apr 20

The enormous size of the Great Lakes water system is very awe-inspiring. The Great Lakes consist of five lakes that include: Lake Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario.

10 Apr 20

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27 Apr 20
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An Overview Of The Tire Making Process
Tire manufacture is a complex process which also involves the extraction of latex from the rubber tree. The latex that oozes out of the tree are collected and sent to the tire manufacturing companies directly. Here it is processed and black sheets of rubber are produced.
06 May 20
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Get Better Mileage With These Fuel Saving Tips
For most Americans, getting better gas mileage is about putting more money in the bank during the recession.
31 May 20
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Get Your Car To Run That Extra Mile
With a little extra care here and there when it comes to your car, and you will find yourself saving loads of money not just on repairs, but on fuel as well!Keep your engine tuned up. A misfiring spark plug can reduce fuel efficiency as much as 30 percent. This means less money in your wallet.
26 Jun 20
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Helpful Tips About Buying Tractor Tires
Sometimes finding quality tractor tires for sale can be a long and daunting task. This can be especially true if you are trying to find used tractor tires for a reasonable price.Now with the internet you can find tractor tires for sale in your budget easier.
17 Jul 20
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Helpful Tips For Replacing A Flat Tire Without Pulling Your Hair Out
A flat tire can be a harrowing experience especially if you are in a hurry to reach somewhere. Tire puncture that are caused by nails or cuts measuring up to one quarter inch can be repaired by professionals.
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03 Sep 20
For all of you out there that are grumbling about the ever rising price of gasoline, how many of you have truly considered ways that will save your precious fuel. Sure, you probably considered car pooling or maybe are even actively doing it. Others will swelter in the summertime, afraid that using the air conditioner will increase the amount of fuel that is consumed.
29 Sep 20
Has it been a while since you last changed your cars brake fluid? If so, you may want to give your car some attention on that. To help keep your car running smoothly, and out of the shop you will want to make sure you give your car the attention and maintenance it needs. Changing your cars brake fluid is a very important part in how your vehicle runs.
21 Oct 20
A new, patented vehicle mirror that provides 260-degree peripheral vision without head movement is making driving easier, safer and less stressful for people with a variety of vision and other impairments-including its inventor.Brad Sawyer, a 100 percent-disabled, Vietnam-era veteran, designed the mirror as a driving aid for himself.
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19 Sep 20
Are you having a difficult time riding your mountain bike? Maybe the speed seems off or the bike seems harder to control. Well, before you consider getting your bike checked for any physical problems, check the tire pressure associated with it. This is because tire pressure has a huge effect on how well you are able to operate your mountain bike.
09 Oct 20
There are different types of alloy wheel cleaners available in the market. Alloy wheels look great but if they are covered with grime and dust they will give a bad look of your car. A good car can be let down by ratty, scuffed and tarnished wheels.
07 Nov 20
There's a specific pattern that you generally see when you look at the history of pricing structure. Prices often increase with inflation or decreasing supply, whether you are looking at gasoline or food prices, or others. You cannot help but have recognized the substantial increase in gasoline prices over the last decade or so.
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