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April 27, 2020
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An Overview Of The Tire Making Process

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Tire manufacture is a complex process which also involves the extraction of latex from the rubber tree. The latex that oozes out of the tree are collected and sent to the tire manufacturing companies directly. Here it is processed and black sheets of rubber are produced. Tire manufacturing is a process which has several components in it that are said to be constructed in a drum called the Tire Building Machine (TBM). This is the only major equipment in manufacturing a tire. The machine can be manually operated. However nowadays all the tires are manufactured through automated process.

The inner liner is the first component in tire manufacture. It can with stand high pressure and does not allow the air to be escaped from the inner layer of the tire. Next comes the body ply. This is a three layer component of tire. The first layer is a sheet of rubber the second is a fabric layer and then again a rubber layer. It is said that this is the component that gives the tire a rigid strength that is able to carry the immense weight of the large trucks and buses. The next component is the side wall that gives good environmental resistance to the tires.

Beads are the steel lining in the tire. It is an important part in the tire as it gives the tensile strength to the tire. This still lining is coated with brass to avoid corrosion. The next component is the tread that gives a good grip to the tire. The thread is the depressions in the tire that will hold the tire on the ground in case of braking. Cushion gum is an extra component used in some tire manufacturing which seals the tear of the rubber by the steel lining in side the tire.

All these components are built one by one in side a tire building machine. Several other chemical components are mixed with them to get the needed strength in the tire. The tire that results as a result of the tire building machine is known as the green tire. This tire then undergoes curing process which will give the final product. Vulcanization is an important process in tire manufacturing. In this process the rubber is hardened to get the required strength and elasticity. This occurs naturally in this process when the raw rubber and molecular sulfur is mixed each other. It will close the pores in the rubber.


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