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June 24, 2020
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Garage Equipment For Any Business

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My son recently finished school to be a mechanic. My wife and I were so proud of him that we wanted to help him get started in his career. We decided we would get him a small mechanics shop started. We already had a building he could use so we did not have to worry about the expense. We now just had to find all of the Garage equipment he would need to get started. We asked a friend of my son's who was a mechanic to help us with this because we really did not have a clue what to buy and we wanted our son to be surprised.

His friend was glad to help and even went with us to shop for the equipment. We told him to just find what we needed. The first thing he got was 2 heavy duty Workshop Tools boxes. He then started picking up all of the basic tools. He bought these tools in both metric and standard measurements. Screwdrivers of all types and sizes went in the buggy. These were followed by wrenches, socket wrenches, adjustable wrenches, pliers, a couple hammers and a box of bolts, nuts and screws in all sizes.

We then looked at hydraulic auto lifts. This made sense because he would need something to lift the cars and trucks up to work underneath them. Of course there were several different types of lifts. There were 2 post, 4 post, portable lifts and parking lifts. Good thing he was with us because he knew exactly what kind we would need. We made arrangements for the company to come out the next day and install it.

An air compressor was next. An air compressor is not only just for putting air in the tires, it is also great for cleaning off an engine. Our son's friend then picked out a grease pump, a fluid evaluator and brake bleeder. Now he would be able to change breaks.

We told him to go ahead and get anything else he may need to get started. He chose some car ramps and a jack. He also picked up a good drill because he said it would come in handy for different repair jobs.

We were finally done. He may need other Garage Equipment as time went by but he had enough to get started. We took everything to the garage and started setting it all up. The lifts were set up the next day and it was time to show our son.

We asked him to meet us there. He has no idea why. When he walked in that door and saw all of the equipment in the garage he was speechless. We told him it was all his to start his career. He couldn't stop thanking us he was so happy.


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