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November 30, 2020
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Personalizing Your Car or Truck

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Truck and car accessories are a common way to add some of your own personality to your ride. There are so many different types of accessories from the very cheap to higher end products. Typical accessories include wheels and rims, seat covers, steering wheels, decals, stereos, dv players and GPS systems.

You will have better luck looking in the local auto parts and accessories dealers in town than you will at the department store. You can find wheels and rims second hand in the local newspaper classifieds, and the yellow pages might be worth a look as well.

The online world has massive amounts of vehicle accessories and car or truck information to search through. Whether at Ebay, Goggle or Yahoo, a few simple searches will give you an idea of just how much stuff is available. It is interesting studying the options available to personalize your vehicle.

If there is one upgrade I will make to every vehicle I buy, it is a GPS. The sheer handiness of these devices make it almost indispensable for anyone who travels long distances alone without a navigator. No stopping on the side of the road with the map unfolded, just program and set the GPS and it will let you know when to turn.

Most modern cars and trucks come with a fairly good basic sound system. Still, a lot of people will want to change this out to get higher sound quality. A great option is to install an iPod dock so you can use your MP3 player in the vehicle with either an FM transmitter or with a hard wired accessory jack.

If you have children, you might want to look into DVD players for the car or van. These can occupy your little ones on a long trip to make sure the adults arrive with their minds intact. Both hard mounted and portable units are available.

And there you have it, a plethera of options for customizing your vehicle. you might be happy to drive it jut the way it is. Or, maybe next time your friends you, your car will be sporting a Tweety Bird steering wheel cover!


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