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If you drive an automobile, the condition of your vehicle is critical to your own safety as well as your family and other road users. There is a cause for having your car serviced frequently as this can identify any problems that need to be addressed and ultimately keep you safe on the road.

11 May 20

Electric pressure washers do an amazing amount of work for you. Whether you are using one around the house or on the job, this is a piece of equipment you will never regret purchasing. By opting for electric, you don't have to worry about stinky gasoline. Nor the mess or danger that gas brings.

05 Jun 20

My son recently finished school to be a mechanic. My wife and I were so proud of him that we wanted to help him get started in his career. We decided we would get him a small mechanics shop started. We already had a building he could use so we did not have to worry about the expense. We now just had to find all of the Garage equipment he would need to get started.

24 Jun 20

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21 Oct 20
A new, patented vehicle mirror that provides 260-degree peripheral vision without head movement is making driving easier, safer and less stressful for people with a variety of vision and other impairments-including its inventor.Brad Sawyer, a 100 percent-disabled, Vietnam-era veteran, designed the mirror as a driving aid for himself.
14 Nov 20
Many debate whether or not original automobile parts or aftermarket parts are better when a vehicle must be repaired. Some may believe that the original parts are better since they are made by the manufacturer, but others claim that the aftermarket parts are equal to or even better than the original parts.
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07 Nov 20
There's a specific pattern that you generally see when you look at the history of pricing structure. Prices often increase with inflation or decreasing supply, whether you are looking at gasoline or food prices, or others. You cannot help but have recognized the substantial increase in gasoline prices over the last decade or so.
30 Nov 20
Truck and car accessories are a common way to add some of your own personality to your ride. There are so many different types of accessories from the very cheap to higher end products. Typical accessories include wheels and rims, seat covers, steering wheels, decals, stereos, dv players and GPS systems.
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